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July 16, 2018

4 Ways to Celebrate Parents’ Day During Surrogacy

If you’re going through the surrogacy process this summer, this may be the first time you notice “Parents’ Day” on the calendar. As if Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, both celebrated around the same time, aren’t enough to contend with, you now have this somewhat unknown holiday pop up as well. This leaves a whole lot of surrogates and intended parents wondering where exactly this holiday comes from and what, if anything, they’re “supposed to” be doing about it. If you’re scratching your head looking at the calendar, here’s what you need to know.

Parents’ Day is a Real Legal Holiday

The calendar is packed with observances, some which seem like they may have been created by greeting card companies to make a buck. Parents’ Day could seem like that too, but it is a legal holiday. Signed into law in 1994 by President Clinton, the day is dedicated to “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children,” and is celebrated the fourth Sunday each July. In other words, instead of honoring your mother, as you would on Mother’s Day, or showing gratitude to your father, as you would on Father’s Day, Parents’ Day is dedicated to recognizing all parents and people who play a parental role, as well as to celebrating the family unit as a whole, including the children.

4 Ways to Celebrate Parents’ Day During Surrogacy

1) Write Thank You Notes to Your Family

We don’t often stop and recognize the hard work our family members put in. Maybe your significant other puts in extra hours at work to support the family or keeps the home running smoothly. Perhaps your child takes on extra responsibilities around the home or shows great compassion. Write a short note to each of the special people who impacts your life in a positive way.

2) Work on a Project Together

If you have kids in the home already, today is a great day to work on a meaningful project with them. Some like to do arts and crafts projects, like drawing a family tree or making a scrapbook, while others may prefer to spend the day rearranging a room or painting a mural.

3) Have a Picnic

Gathering everyone together for a meal in the backyard or at a park can be a relaxing and fun way to reconnect. If you’ve developed a friendship with the other people on your surrogacy team (intended parents or surrogate), invite them along. If you love hosting social events, take it a step further and invite your extended family or neighbors.

4) Volunteer Together

Have a look around and see what opportunities suit your style. If you’re eco-conscious, round up the family and head to a park or the beach and do some clean up. If you like to bake, create some treats and deliver them to nursing home residents—just be sure to check with the facility in advance to make sure your arrival time is good and that your treat won’t trigger any allergies or cause issues. You may also find opportunities at shelters for the abused and/or homeless, the pound, soup kitchens/ food banks, and more. Giving back will bring your family closer together and will make you feel good too.

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