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Having a Boy? Most Popular Names For 2019

If you are having a baby via surrogacy in 2019 or later, you are probably already planning on the baby’s name. There are so many options out there and, increasingly, there is pressure to pick just the right name without picking one that is too popular. There always seem to be fewer names to choose Read Full Article →

Building a Playlist For Your Nursery

Everyone has heard that playing music for a baby while they are still in the womb can help the baby to grow brain cells and encourage a deeper love of music into the future. While there may be some merit to this theory, there is even greater merit to the idea that playing music for Read Full Article →

Single Parent Surrogacy: What To Know

Nontraditional families are becoming more and more common – meaning that there are more single people who have decided to take the leap and become parents on their own. Every year, many, many single men and single women add to their families. Of those, a large percentage will choose to do so through gestational surrogacy. Read Full Article →

Surrogate Mom Responsibilities & Requirements

When you choose to become a surrogate, you are making a decision that will change your life and the lives of many people. Surrogacy is one of the most amazing gifts that you can give someone but it does come at a cost for you. Surrogacy can be a long and challenging process that will Read Full Article →

Surrogacy in California: Why Choose Our State

If you have been looking to become a surrogate in California, or you are looking for a surrogate in California, you might have noticed that this state seems to have more resources than any others. Gestational surrogacy continues to grow in prominence for many reasons, including: Awareness of surrogacy thanks to celebrities choosing it; Many Read Full Article →

How to Meet Universal Surrogate Requirements

If you are thinking about applying to be a surrogate, you may have noticed that there are some pretty universal surrogate requirements that you need to fulfill before you can actually submit a formal application to be a surrogate. Since surrogates are going through a medical procedure and being compensated to be a surrogate, it Read Full Article →

Become A Surrogate: 5 Steps To Take

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, there are many questions that you might have about the surrogacy process, how it works, and how you can have a good experience. While the surrogacy process does vary depending on state laws, surrogacy professionals that handle your case, and on your circumstances, there are some easy Read Full Article →