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Surrogates: How to Gear Up for Fall with Baby on Board

Surrogates have all been pregnant at least once before, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you remember all the details or even carried a baby during the autumn months. Whether you simply need a refresher or this is all new territory, here’s a quick look at a few things you’ll want to have on hand. Pick Read Full Article →

Where is Surrogacy Legal?

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that surrogacy laws around the world are uncertain. As odd as it may sound, California, with its surrogacy-friendly legislation that protects intended parents and surrogates is the happy exception. Once you venture outside the Golden State, it gets much murkier. On this page, we’ll attempt to break down Read Full Article →

Lance Bass Opens Up About Surrogacy Plans

Surrogacy seems to be in the air in Hollywood these days. Kim Kardashian, Nate Berkus, and more have all recently shared their baby joy. Oftentimes, those in the public eye keep quiet about their desire to start a family. As some may recall, it was actually Kris Jenner who was first caught stepping out of Read Full Article →

PCOS: A Silent Reason Women Choose Surrogacy in California

Women choose surrogacy in California for many reasons. No matter what brings an intended mother down this path, it’s always a very personal decision. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) happens to be one of those reasons, and with September being PCOS Awareness Month, it’s a good opportunity to shed some light on the condition and what Read Full Article →

5 Immunizations You May Need Before Becoming a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is an amazing and life-changing experience. Not only will you help a family grow, you’ll touch lives in a way you never thought possible. Of course, there’s a lot to be done when you begin the surrogacy journey as well, and one of those things includes protecting yours and the baby’s health Read Full Article →

Nate & Jeremiah: Surrogacy is a “Beautiful Experience”

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are trying to raise more awareness for surrogacy. “We don’t hear people talk about that as much as they could or should,” Berkus said in a recent interview. The stars of TLC’s “Nate & Jeremiah by Design” welcomed their second surro baby into the world just a few months ago Read Full Article →

3 Painful Thoughts Women Have During the Surrogacy Process

Women embarking upon the surrogacy process sometimes have minds that won’t quiet. It’s perfectly understandable, considering most intended mothers would prefer to be carrying their own babies. That’s not to say they are ungrateful for their surrogates either. Rather, there’s a complex grouping of emotions at work which few beyond intended mothers can understand and Read Full Article →

What Should You Call Your Surrogate?

The surrogacy process has a language of its own and knowing the right term for the type of surrogate you’re working with can avoid a lot of confusion. In addition to this, some people prefer to coin their own terms or choose something a little more personalized from the start, so it’s helpful to know Read Full Article →

4 Ways to Celebrate Parents’ Day During Surrogacy

If you’re going through the surrogacy process this summer, this may be the first time you notice “Parents’ Day” on the calendar. As if Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, both celebrated around the same time, aren’t enough to contend with, you now have this somewhat unknown holiday pop up as well. This leaves a whole Read Full Article →