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Q: How long does it take to be matched with a Surrogate?
Most Intended Parents can be matched in two to four months and often sooner.

Q: Have you ever had a Surrogate want to keep the baby?
No. The Surrogate and the Intended Parents develop a close relationship throughout the pregnancy. Our experience has been that the Surrogate is excited for the new parents to experience parenthood, with her help, which results in a positive experience for everyone.

Q: If the Surrogate should have a misscarriage, do the agency fees have to be paid again for the next try?
No. Once you have paid our agency fees, we will work with you until you have a child to take home.

Q: Are there guildelines for the relationship between the Parents and the Surrogate?
No, however, we find it best for the Surrogate, the Intended Parents and SPS form a team, all working together and supporting each other toward a very special and mutual goal.

Q: Are SPS’s fees comparable to other programs?
At SPS, we stay with you every step of the way, from the moment you engage our services to the day you bring your child home. We give you hands-on, personal service throughout the process. Some programs charge less, but provide fewer serives, leaving many details to the parents. We may be more expensive than some, and less expensive than others, but the experience you will have at SPS will prove to be worth every penny.

Q: Can we view a list of your available Surrogates online?
Unlike other programs, we do not offer an online list of our available Surrogates. Our matching process is very personal and unique. Cristie Montgomery personally matches each Surrogate with the Intended Parent(s), and this is based on many factors, including personalities, personal values, location, what each is looking for in the other, etc. Once each party reviews each other’s profile and photograph, SPS schedules a meeting between the Surrogate and her partner (if applicable), the Intended Parent(s), the Case Manager and Cristie. The majority of the time, the match is successful and the Surrogate and Intended Parents proceed to work together.

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