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SPS offers international Intended Parents the added support they require. Our Case Managers serve as liasons to keep communication open and clear between the Intended Parents, the Surrogate, the doctors and the attorneys. California is a unique location for surrogacy, as California law allows the Intended Parents’ names to appear on the birth certificate immediately after birth, along with not requiring an adoption.

We will arrange a phone consultation between the Intended Parents, the potential Surrogate and SPS prior to the parents traveling to the United States. We will make the necessary arrangements to optimize the Intended Parent’s time while they are here. We will set up all essential meetings, including doctor’s appointments, psychologist appointments, meetings with the Surrogate, and legal consultations. We can also provide assistance with housing, transportation, and interpretation.

When the Intended Parents return to California for the birth of their child, SPS will assist with all the arrangements, including the birth certificate and passport for the baby.

Additional fees may be applicable. Please contact us at for more information.

Our International partners:

VIVA Surrogacy was established in 2011 to help Israeli couples and individuals achieve their dreams of becoming parents.
VIVA Surrogacy has a mission to create a balance in supporting both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents through this wonderful, yet highly emotional, journey. We provide complete support and guidance throughout the process, as well as through the medical and psychological screenings and the drafting of legal contracts. We are also pleased to be available for continued assistance as needed throughout the pregnancy.
We, at VIVA, have a committed and dedicated team, each of us according to their area and expertise, understand well, from personal experience, the doubts and difficulties involved in the surrogacy process. We also understand the importance of choosing your right partners, who will escort you in this wonderful journey. For more information, please visit our website or Gal Sava at 972-52-2860257.

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