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September 28, 2018

After Surrogacy: 6 Baby Safety Tips for Intended Parents

If you’re expecting a baby via surrogacy, your life is probably a flurry of appointments and planning right now. However, September also happens to be Baby Safety Month, so it’s a good time to take a quick break from the activity and do a quick review of a few safety tips to keep in mind as you finish your preparations.

1) Drop the Temperature of Your Water Heater

As adults, you probably don’t think too much about the temperature of your water. You adjust the dials and move on with life. However, you’ll probably be doing ten other tasks every time you prepare a bath for your little one and there will come a day when he or she will be at the controls. Guaranteed, it will happen sooner than you expect. Take a moment now to drop the temperature down to 120 degrees or less. This is the recommendation from the Mayo Clinic because it will prevent serious burns.

2) Explore Like a Baby

Drop down to your hands and knees and take a tour of your home. Look for things like cabinets that need locks, cords, outlets, and choking hazards. Even if you don’t take action right away, you can create a list of things to do during the last trimester when you’re nesting. (Yes, you’ll probably do that too!)

3) Change Out the Batteries on Your Smoke Detector

The obvious concern is safety here, but also… you don’t want a dead battery beep to wake up a sleeping newborn, so take care of it now. It’s also a good idea to add extra detectors if you don’t already have one in each room.

4) Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Test for Choking Hazards

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what a baby might choke on. You can use a toilet paper roll to do a quick safety test. If an object fits inside, it’s not a good choice for a little one.

5) Get Your TVs Mounted

It’s estimated that there is a child TV-related injury roughly every 30 minutes. Your television or large computer monitor won’t be risky right away, but they will be a concern when your little one starts grabbing things and pulling him or herself up. Like the water heater, this is one thing you can take care of now and then forget about, so there’s less to worry about when your little one is on the move.

6) Get Your Car Seat Early and Attend a Seminar

Only 5% of parents use car seats correctly, per the American Journal of Pediatrics. Seriously. They may look simple to use, but that’s a big part of the problem. Parents think they’re using them correctly and they’re making mistakes—mistakes which could result in injury or death. Oftentimes, fire departments and other agencies will run car seat checks free of charge. Get your seat early and find a clinic to have your handiwork checked out. Worst case scenario, you’re one of the 5% and can pat yourself on the back. Odds are, however, you’ll learn a thing or two from an expert.

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