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Our experience with SPS was great! Michelle and Cristie were professional, responsive, and caring. We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal surrogate. We know we will have a lifelong relationship with her and her family. We will be back to work with SPS for baby #2!
– Christopher & Sarah, Berkeley, CA


Janelle-Kirk Because of an illness that affected Janelle’s immune system, we were not able to carry a child through pregnancy. We didn’t know anything about surrogacy until one day friends of ours told us they just had twins using a surrogate. They recommended their agency, SPS, to us and we’ve now had three beautiful children with the help of SPS. We had a healthy 10 pound boy and four years later, we had boy and girl twins! We are grateful to SPS for helping us through the surrogacy and fertility process and taking care of everything from legal contracts to insurance to pre-natal issues. They made the process transparent and straightforward. And they were with us every step of the way.
– Janelle & Kirk, San Francisco, CA


Gentille-Danny I can’t believe they’re finally here! After so many years of trying, my little ones are finally sleeping in their crib here, swaddled in their blankies with their little pacifiers by their side, just in case… My husband and I got married 10 years ago when I was well into my thirties and he in his early forties. We always knew we wanted to have kids, but like many others these days didn’t meet the right partner until late. At first we tried on our own, got pregnant and miscarried. Then came the fertility treatments – one clinic after another and many procedures, leading to a couple more pregnancies, which also ended in miscarriages.
We were sad, but we (and more specifically “I”) couldn’t give up. I went to see a therapist who told me that if a soul is supposed to come into one’s life, it doesn’t matter how he/she gets there – the key is not to give up… She also believed, based on her personal experience with a miscarriage and later the birth of her daughter who told her that “she was there in her mommy’s tummy” but “that her light had gone out”, that the same soul you miscarry will come back into your life when it’s time. To me, that meant that my kids were somewhere out there in spirit and all I had to do was to reach out for them with all the resources I could find, and all my willpower.
That’s when I began my search for a surrogate. I remember speaking to a couple of Surrogate Agencies who downright made me want to give up on the spot. The first one told me “Honey, if you don’t have at least $100,000, don’t even waste your time filling out our application.” The second one told me they would collect their entire agency fee of $22,000 upfront, and whether or not the surrogate they referred us to would even get pregnant. Finding the right surrogate and going through 9 months of pregnancy already seemed such a daunting task, that we almost gave up at that point.
But then we heard about Surrogate Parenting Services. The owner, Cristie Montgomery, was highly recommended by a personal friend and our fertility doctor, and upon meeting her we realized that if we were ever going to trust an agency to help us through the process, it would be hers. Cristie was a truly elegant woman with a kind and sincere smile, a twinkle in her eyes, and a beautiful family of her own. People came to her from all over the world to start families, because of her reputation as an honest and supportive agency, and one that truly cared about the success of the families she helped. We especially appreciated the fact that she had once been a surrogate herself before creating her agency, and yet seemed to understand both the surrogate’s concerns and the needs of the parents to be – or the so called “intended parents”, which we became.
I would have liked to be able to say that our story unfolded easily from that point on, but as it were, we hit a few more bumps along the road. Not because we weren’t in the right hands with SPS or the surrogates we ended up working with, but because our time hadn’t come yet. The process of surrogacy was stressful and disappointing at times, and looking back, I realize that had it not been for the supportive nature of Cristie and the staff at SPS, we may never have made it to the finishing line.
There are truly no words to express my gratitude to Cristie and her Agency for helping us achieve our dream of having children. So at least, I thought I’d write this testimonial on the SPS website in case you are thinking of giving up. My husband and I are probably not much luckier, smarter nor wealthier than most of you intended parents out there. Yet we managed to pull it through… and with the right support, so can you.
– Gentille & Danny, Los Angeles, CA


family What can we say? Words are not even enough to describe the gratitude and fondness we feel towards you all. It has been 4 months since our beautiful and healthy baby boy has been born through your agency and we are still in awe of this miracle and the whole flawless experience with your agency.
First of all, Cristie, you are running a first-class operation. From our first meeting with you we walked away feeling that you were the most natural, honest, personable and caring. But most of all we felt that you were so dedicated to your God-given destiny of helping others start their own families. It’s a very sensitive and extremely personal line of work but you do it with such class and finesse. Also your home office felt so warm, cozy and very welcoming. We were very impressed to say the least.
Danielle was the easiest and nicest surrogate anyone could have ever dreamt of having as a surrogate. Wow!!!! Is all we could say about Danielle. Throughout her pregnancy, she was even-tempered, personable, communicative, calm, professional and very mature. And on top of it all, she was a pro in the delivery room. We will definitely stay in touch with Danielle as long as she continues to feel comfortable about it. We absolutely adore Danielle.
Katie, Katie, Katie…another example of the professional yet personable member of our team. We again got lucky and blessed to have Katie on our team to help facilitate with all aspects of the surrogacy experience. So many E-mails and texts to Katie asking her all kinds of questions and concerns and she was responsive, helpful and very kind. Really a pro.
Michelle, wow! Another pro on our team. Our experience with Michelle was another professional, caring and patient team player. Very helpful in all areas. Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. Most of all thank you for your patience. What an honor it has been to work with all of you at Surrogate Parenting Services. You have left a mark on our hearts. We will never forget the experience with you all but most importantly your kindness. Our lives have been impacted forever by our experience with you all.
God bless you all a thousand times and may all of your lives be enriched with the fulfillment of all your hearts wishes and desires as you are helping so many people fulfill their most wanted wishes and desires.
With so much gratitude to you all!
– Alex & Keri, Los Angeles, CA


Ben-Laurie1When we made the decision to begin the surrogacy process, we discovered we had a lot of choices in agencies. But it was one meeting with SPS that set them apart from all others – they are emotionally invested in your success – so much so that you, as the Intended Parent, feel secure that you are getting the best efforts of everyone involved. When we called Cristie, anxious to start the process as quickly as possible, she found us an ideal match with a surrogate within a short amount of time. We truly could not have found a better match. Most agencies stop their work when the match is made but SPS personally guided us through the complex process, from attending doctor’s appointments, navigating any issues that arose, connecting us with a wonderful lawyer and team of doctors, and standing by our side at the hospital for the entire 49 hour labor! We feel so fortunate we were guided to them by others struggling with fertility and we 1000 times recommend them to any Intended Parent looking for a surrogate. SPS took a process which is inherently stressful and made it all seem seamless. We were able to focus on the issue that really mattered – welcoming our amazing son into our lives.
-Ben & Laurie, Los Angeles, CA


family2Dear Cristie and Michelle
We wanted to thank you so much for what you did to help us realize our family. Our journey to realize a family has been a long process with lots of uncertainty on our part. During this process you and your team were always there to answer our questions. Every time we had doubts you were able to encourage us and keep our dream alive. You were compassionate and professional. Without you, our dream of realizing our family probably would not have happened. From the beginning we had a good feeling that we could trust you and in the end this allowed us to have our beautiful baby boy. We will always be grateful for what you did. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
-Roberto and Antonella, Italy


MarissaOur experience with SPS was absolutely fantastic. Since the first contact, it was possible to notice that they were not only extremely professional but also very sensitive and human. They always took care of us in every step of the way. And we had very difficult times. Our babies were born prematurely while we were at the movies in Brazil! And they gave us all the love, support and information that gave us some kind of relief until we arrived in California. Every single person that works with SPS is committed to their client’s dream to have a baby to love and cherish. They became real friends to us; people that we will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives. My surrogate became a sister that God put in my life to help me to bring my miracles to this world. I love her as family. That’s what SPS gave us… our family exactly as we asked God! They are angels that guide us to our dreams. I will never be able to thank them enough.
-Marisa, Alfredo, Luca and Lis, Brazil


family3My husband and I were interested in having a family but we needed some assistance. We had met with a couple of different surrogate agencies to learn how the surrogate process works. We never felt comfortable with the process because of the uncertainty and it was “new” to us. We did not know anyone personally who had done this before. We met with Cristie Montgomery and she made us feel very comfortable about the process. For us, it was the initial intimate meeting with Cristie in her home that made us feel like “we could do this” because we were going to have personal 1:1 attention; and that this agency was truly dedicated to helping us through the “entire” process. Cristie was extremely knowledgeable and walked us through in detail the entire surrogate, donor, IVF, pregnancy, psychological, legal and delivery process including the timing of when and what we need to do next. Per our request, Cristie provided potential IVF doctors, donor agencies, names of lawyers for contracts and even OB-GYN recommendations. Most importantly, Cristie were familiar with all of these folks but she left it up to us to determine who we were most comfortable with. Cristie knowledge and resources were extremely comforting and invaluable.
SPS matched us with a wonderful surrogate. Our surrogate and her beautiful supportive family were amazing. They were personable and caring; and we all had a mutual respect for one another. I think that SPS does a great job in matching couples with surrogates based upon values and personalities.
Additionally, every couple is assigned a SPS case manager, who will attend all of the doctor appointments and acts as the liaison between us and our surrogate. We loved our case manager, Katie. Katie was once also a surrogate at one time, thus, she was helpful for our surrogate and us with the entire process.
In summary, working with SPS was the best experience for us and we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We would definitely recommend SPS to couples who may consider starting a family but may need a little assistance.
-Andrea & Nicholas, Newport Beach, CA

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