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Surrogate’s Testimonials

I feel so lucky I found SPS when I was researching on becoming a surrogate. When Cristie came to our house for our initial interview she made us feel so comfortable and when she left I knew I had found the right agency. I felt confident that everyone knew what was going to happen and no questions went unanswered. Making the decision to become a surrogate was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life (aside from having our own beautiful daughter). The adventure from meeting the Intended Parents to finally watching them interact with their baby is indescribable. I was able to help give them a beautiful baby boy. I feel truly honored to have taken part in this incredible journey and can’t wait for my next surrogacy. I love being pregnant and being able to help others in the process is a complete dream.
– Daryl, Sacramento CA


From the first time I met Cristie in my home, I knew that I had found the right agency to help turn my dream of being a surrogate into a reality. Cristie was so patient and kind during that first meeting and I knew her agency was the one I wanted to work with.
Michelle and Cristie were so hands on with every doctor’s appointment, meeting, phone call and any other necessity that came about during the surrogate process. I felt like I was so taken care of and was never left to navigate through anything by myself.
SPS stuck with me through all the ups and downs that a surrogate journey can take you on, they never gave up on me and really believed that I could and would be a great surrogate.
When I was matched with my Intended Parents, Michelle was completely available at all times to not only myself, but to my wonderful Intended Parents as well.
During my pregnancy and the weeks following the birth of the surrogate baby, I felt completely supported and loved by the whole SPS team.
There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the right agency to work with this and I would refer anyone to them. Thank you so much SPS for making my dream come true!!!
– Maureen, Mission Viejo CA


My journey with surrogacy started when I started work in a fertility center. After working for a couple months and seeing couples try so hard to have a baby, I decided that I could do more so I looked into becoming a surrogate. SPS was one of the many companies I looked at but I decided to work with Cristie because she was so sincere in her concern for her surrogates. Her and her staff made the two cycles I went through very easy and stress free. They were all very supportive and very knowledgeable about the whole process. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to be a surrogate or even an intendant parent. SPS was definitely the right choice!
– Kasandra, Los Angeles, CA


Olivia-PhotoWhen my husband and I decided to pursue being a gestational surrogate we knew that we needed an agency that was experienced, involved and committed through entire journey. From the initial call I received from Michelle, the first interview with Cristie and throughout the entire journey with our case manager Sherri, we received nothing less than excellence! Cristie and her team guided us through the unknown with their extensive knowledge and ensured I received all the support and care necessary to make the journey an incredible one!

Perhaps the most important part of the journey is the match with intended parents. I don’t know how Cristie did it but from the moment I opened the profile, I knew it was right. Our intended parents were exactly the kind of people I had envisioned!! We had a special connection from the first meeting and that made the rest of the journey even more amazing. I will always cherish the moment two amazing new friends became parents.

The journey through surrogacy with Cristie and her team was so incredible, my husband and I knew we would do it again. We look forward to working with again SPS to make another couples dreams come true. Having such an amazing team of people to guide and support us made for a priceless experience!
-Olivia, Walnut Creek, CA


SandyI am a single mom with a daughter of 8 years old. It’s been about more than 2 years that I have joined SPS as a surrogate mother, and I am now matched with my 2nd couple. The process of joining SPS is very easy and the staff is very nice, friendly, and very helpful. My first surrogacy resulted in the birth of a very cute baby boy for a couple from Australia. They both were very happy as their dream was fulfilled in America, through SPS. It made me so happy thinking that I helped people to realize their dream. My life has changed a lot, for the better, since I have joined SPS. Thank you very much SPS! You made things easier and less complicated. You matched me with a perfect couple. Thank you for my great and wonderful journey of surrogacy.
-Sandy, Long Beach, CA

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